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C. Richardson and W. Newman formed Richman Brick & Stone Ltd in early 2019. Richardson and Newman both have the same goal, dedication, and passion for building a professional brand that would be passed down through the generations. As a result, with more than 20 years of expertise in the construction industry, they chose to strive for more, improving their clients’ experience and exceeding their expectations.


20 Years Of Knowledge

Richman Brick & Stone are well aware of the challenges and expectations that their customers encounter on a day-to-day basis. Rather than dismissing these, they seek to include their knowledge and aid where they can, as this is what they believe they are greatest at.

Our services extend to supporting architects with available options and samples, scaling drawings from buyers, or working directly with sites to ensure a seamless product transfer, ultimately ensuring that you’ll be able to focus on the more essential tasks at hand.

Handmade Bricks Supplier Richman have extensive Brick Collections. Handmade Brick Collection


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Richman are leading experts in handmade bricks in Hampshire.  Handmade Bricks

We offer a unique and unrivalled range of our own handmade bricks. Our handmade bricks are offered in both metric and imperial sized with the option of customizable blends and sizes. As well as handmade bricks, we’re also brick suppliers for a range of other manufacturers.

Arches can be made using handmade bricks from Richman Brick & Stone. Arches

We use a variety of techniques to build the most stunning arches. Traditional loose-laid units to fully customised units with various joint, pointing, keystone, structural, and lightweight variants are all available, all with detailed working drawings.

Flint & Stone is available to buy from Handmade Bricks Supplier. Flint & Stone

Using prefabricated bricks saves labour and money while preserving traditional aesthetics. It takes a lot of expertise and time to lay loose flint and stone.
Selecting one of our block format products can allow you to move forward with your project at a faster rate.

There is no need for a substrate, and the blocks come in a variety of sizes. They’re laid like a regular concrete block and then pointed between the pieces to disguise the joints.