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Block format flint for sale with Richman brick.

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The idea of using these preformed blocks is to save time and money while maintaining traditional aesthetics. Loose laying flint and stone is both very skilled and labour intensive. Choosing one of our block format products will enable you to progress with your project quickly. There is no need for a substrate and blocks are available in several sizes. They are laid like a conventional concrete block and then pointed between the pieces to disguise the joints.

We appreciate that these products may still be required in their loose form for certain projects, therefore these can be supplied by the tonne.


Why use our stone blocks?

  • Nationwide delivery
  • No substrate required
  • Save on labour cost
  • Less time to build
  • Large range of flint & stone choices
  • Excepted in some conservation/heritage areas
  • Tested in accordance BS EN 12390-3:2009

Knapped Field Flint

Locally sourced field flint knapped by hand to expose its brown centre and distinctive white halo. Our best seller.

Antique Field Flint

Also known as unknapped field flint, again this is a locally sourced product generally off white in colour and random in size.

50/50 Field Flint

This is a mixture of both knapped and unknapped field flint to show its brown and white colour. As the name suggests, its typically a 50/50 ratio.

Knapped Blue Black Chalk Flint

Chalk flint has a very dark blue/black center. Like with our field flint, each piece is knapped by hand.

Devonchurt Flint

Sourced from a little further afield, this knapped flint offers a light to golden brown appearance with irregular sizes.

Brown Cobble Mix

A mixture of size select cobbles creating a warm mixture of natural tones.

Devonian Red Sandstone

A naturally red sandstone sourced from Devon in its raw form. This is guillotine to size and used accordingly to fit into our cast blocks.

Forest Marble

Marble offers a beautiful range of rich and elegant colours. Given the way the marble is guillotine cut, the pieces are fairly square.

Purbeck Stone

Purbeck stone has been used for many years and is still popular today. A relatively square stone with split face texture.

Ham Stone

This limestone is sourced from Ham Hill in Somerset. The stone offers a beautiful warm golden yellow colour.

Basalt Stone

A charcoal coloured stone with a granite like texture and appearance. Formed from the rapid cooling of magnesium-rich and iron-rich lava.

Lias Blue

Deep grey to blue limestone with natural veins that can be seen within the random sized pieces.

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